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Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) makes concrete more impermeable, denser as compared to OPC. The long-term strength of PPC is higher compared to OPC. PPC produces less heat of hydration and offers greater resistance to the attack of aggressive waters than normal OPC. PPC can be used for all types of construction.

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Benefits: Low heat of hydration • Reduced leaching due to free lime in clinker being utilized in reaction with pozzolana • Increased bulk volume • Impermeable and denser concrete • Increased ultimate strength • Increased resistance to chloride, sulphate and alkali aggregate reaction

Applications: It can be used for almost all the constructions where OPC is used • Heavy duty structures like flyovers, dams, aqueducts and marine structures • Subsoil structures and structures in hostile soils with high salinity, moisture and harmful chemical agents • For producing fibre cement roofing sheets and allied cement products • All types of mortars for construction-masonry, plaster, paving and tile fixing

Hydration characteristics:
It improves durability by developing very dense matrix of hydration products restricting the entry of aggressive substances ensuring safety and long life of structures.

Lower heat of hydration :
The heat of hydration of ZUARI CEMENT PPC is lower at early stages as compared to ordinary and rapid hardening cement. This prevents irreversible cracks caused by thermal stresses at the early stages.

Increased bulk volume:
ZUARI CEMENT PPC gives more cement volume per bag, as compared to ordinary cement, because the specific gravity of ZUARI CEMENT PPC is much lower than Ordinary Portland Cement.

Improved water tightness:
Since the gel pores in ZUARI CEMENT PPC become narrowed by hydration of fly ash, it offers greater resistance to aggressive chemicals in the environment. It has minimum segregation and bleeding, much lower when compared with other Portland Cements.

Improved corrosion resistance:
As movement of corrosion-causing soluble chlorides is restricted, corrosion of reinforced steel is sharply reduced by using ZUARI CEMENT PPC.

Increased ultimate strength:
ZUARI CEMENT PPC is produced by blending high quality fly ash with a very high quality clinker. This provides very high compressive strength additionally in the long run. ZUARI CEMENT PPC gains strength consistently, and over a longer period than OPC, helping structures become stronger and durable.

Increased durability:
ZUARI CEMENT PPC improves the durability of the concrete/mortar in cases of mass construction and enhances compressive strength in the long

For the benefit of customers:
Concrete in its early stages is tender and weak. This is the stage when it is more likely to develop cracks that can never be rectified. Pay extra attention to curing, as it gives long term strength to the structure.

Quality Parameters**
Test ZUARI IS 1489
Physical CEMENT (Part1):
Requirement PPC 2015
Specific Surface (Sq.mtr./kg) 330 > 300
SOUNDNESS: Expansion of unaerated cement
a) By Le Chatelier Method (mm) 1.0 <10
b) By Autoclave (%) 0.02 < 0.8
a) Initial set (minutes) 200 > 30
b) Final set (minutes) 260 < 600
a) 3 days 28 >16
b) 7 days 38 >22
c) 28 days 53 >33
Loss on ignition (%) 1.7 <5
Insoluble Residue (%) 22 *
Magnesium Oxide (%) 1.4 <6.0
Sulphuric Anhydride (%) 2.0 < 3.5
Alkalies (%) 0.45
Chlorides (%) 0.01 < 0.1
Declared % of fly ash used 25

Not more than X+ 4.0(100-X)/100 X Declared % of fly ash. %will not vary more than ± 3%
** Test results are subject to Lab norms as per the BIS

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Zuari PPC Cement HDPE Bag

Zuari PPC Cement HDPE Bag

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