Booking orders over phone

Even an online merchant should be flexible when it comes to placing orders. Although shopping online is becoming more prevalent every year, many customers still prefer to place an order over the phone. Maybe they have a poor internet connection, or maybe a recent data breach has them reluctant to enter their information into a form. Or, maybe they just prefer to do things the old-fashioned way!

BuiMat provides a MOTO (mail-order / telephone order) built-in feature that allows you to process phone orders from a convenient interface in your Online Store Manager. Assign the order to a new or existing customer, add items quickly and easily, and complete their order in a few clicks. Billing, shipping, discounts and more are all available just as with a typical online order. And this interface isn’t tied to phone orders specifically — you can use it whenever you may need to create an order manually.

How Buimat Phone Order System works

  • Handle phone orders through a convenient manual interface
  • Can set up payment methods specifically for phone orders
  • Assign manually-created orders to new or existing customers for your records

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